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AmCham Calls for Mongolia to Set Sight on Trans-Pacific Partnership

Ambassador at 4th Anniversary

ULAANBAATAR – Jackson Cox, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Mongolia, called for Mongolia to aim high and put forth plans to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership. The remarks, which were immediately echoed by U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia, Piper Campbell, came during keynote remarks delivered during AmCham’s fourth anniversary celebration at the Shangri-La Hotel in downtown Ulaanbaatar last Friday evening.

“TPP is an aspirational agreement and Mongolia should certainly aspire to be a TPP member economy…. This will open markets for Mongolian exports and will lay the foundation for a diversified and modern economy,” said Cox who was speaking from prepared remarks in front of 250 invited guests. Ambassador Campbell followed by saying TPP “is ambitious and achievable” for Mongolia.

The U.S. and eleven other economies in the Asia-Pacific region are nearing the completion of negotiations of the TPP – the largest free trade agreement in history. The twelve members of the TPP make up more than 40% of global trade and TPP is designed to allow others to join.

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AmCham Mongolia is an independent membership-driven organization that seeks to build, strengthen, and protect business between the United States and Mongolia and to actively promote Mongolia as a destination for American investment. AmCham Mongolia is the official local office of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Based in Washington, DC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the largest business federation in the world with over 3 million member companies. American Chambers have been established in over 100 countries in the world – Mongolia being one of the most recent.

AmCham Calls for Mongolia to Set Sight on Trans-Pacific Partnership

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