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AmCham Mongolia Announces New Board of Directors


ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia–The American Chamber  of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham) held their Annual General Meeting on December 10, 2014 and announced that eleven members have been elected to serve on the organization’s Board of Directors.

Jackson Cox, founder of AmCham Mongolia, has been reappointed as the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Magnai Ganzorig, the Executive Director of Magnai Trade, will continue to serve as Vice Chairman.

AmCham Mongolia’s Board of Directors for 2015 are:

Onchinsuren Dendevsambuu, Deloitte Onch

Bat-Erdene Gankhuyag, Gatsuurt

Michael Jonas, Genie Oil Shale Mongolia

Mandah Karlsen, Ayanchin Outfitters

Jay Liotta, MahonneyLiotta

Steve Potter, Wagner Asia Equipment

David Reiner, MSM

Arshad Sayed, Peabody Energy

Bayarbat Tseveensuren, Crown Worldwide Group

Jackson Cox, the Chairman of AmCham Mongolia said, “The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia is entering 2015 with tremendous momentum.  Our membership grew over 200% in 2014 and we are wholly dedicated to our mission of promoting greater commerce between Mongolia and the United States in 2015.  I am grateful to our members and I look forward to AmCham being a constructive partner with Mongolia as we encourage a stronger Mongolian economy where partnerships between American innovation and Mongolian entrepreneurship come to full reality.”

AmCham initiated important advocacy efforts in 2014 and will take an even more ambitious role in policy advocacy in 2015. Effective advocacy that identifies and builds public and political support for practical policy solutions will become a hallmark of AmCham’s work in Mongolia.

About AmCham Mongolia

AmCham Mongolia is an independent membership-driven organization that seeks to build, strengthen, and protect business between the United States and Mongolia and to actively promote Mongolia as a destination for American investment. AmCham Mongolia is the official local office of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. Based in Washington, DC, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the largest business federation in the world with over 3 million member companies. American Chambers have been established in over 100 countries in the world – Mongolia being one of the most recent.

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