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AmCham Mongolia Forms Agriculture Committee

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia – The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Mongolia convened the inaugural meeting of its new Agriculture Committee on May 5th, 2016. As part of AmCham’s larger efforts to promote economic diversification as outlined in its 2016 Roadmap for Growth, the Agriculture Committee will focus on promotion of Mongolia’s agriculture sector.

AmCham Mongolia has been actively advocating and supporting the development of Mongolia’s agriculture industry through its events and activities, including its January Monthly Meeting with senior officials from the Ministry of Food and Agriculture; engagement with the Crop Production Fund; participation in the Roundtable on Mongolia’s Agribusiness Opportunities in Beijing hosted by Her Excellency, Jennifer Zimdahl Galt, U.S. Ambassador to Mongolia; and participation in the Meat Export Opportunities to the United States Roundtable with the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the North American Meat Institute.

AmCham’s Agriculture Committee will focus on addressing the existing challenges encountered by its members in the Agricultural Industry and developing an advocacy strategy with viable solutions to convey to the responsible government agencies and bring about real policy change. The committee will focus on topics, such as the lack of innovation in the industry, inadequate access to financing, the need to introduce and nurture a comprehensive insurance system, and limiting government intervention to ensure a fair competition regime.

About AmCham Mongolia

AmCham Mongolia is an independent membership-driven organization that seeks to build, strengthen, and protect business between the United States and Mongolia and to actively promote Mongolia as a destination for American investment. AmCham Mongolia is the official local office of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business federation in the world with over 3 million member companies. AmCham Mongolia is also a member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chamber of Commerce, consisting of 29 American Chambers of Commerce in the Asia Pacific Regions

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