Badrakh Energy’s Livestock Restoration

Badrakh Energy first launched its Livestock Restoration project in 2007. A number of herder families lost their livestock, their sole source of survival, during heavy snows in 2006-2007. The project was started to support them in overcoming this difficult situation. Households are selected for the Livestock Restoration project by the local Citizens’ Assembly. They receive a total of 50 animals, including 25 female sheep and 25 female goats. These families benefit from the livestock for three years and return the original 50 animals to the family that initially provided them while keeping the offspring. There are 57 herding households in Ulaanbadrakh soum and 22 households in Zuunbayan bagh that are benefitting from this project. In 2019, Badrakh Energy increased the number of beneficiaries by including five more herding households in Zuunbayan bagh. The project’s livestock was purchased from five local herders at market prices and transferred to the beneficiaries, thus increasing the number of sustainable herding households in the region.

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