Badrakh Energy’s Scholarship Program

Since 2010, Badrakh Energy has been granting scholarships to outstanding students from Ulaanbadrakh soum and Zuunbayan bagh of Sainshand, located in Dornogobi aimag. The Badrakh Energy scholarship program covers the entire period of their bachelor’s degrees. The students who wish to apply for the scholarship issue a request to their school and local governance, after which the company carefully selects the students based on relevant criteria. A total of 39 students from Ulaanbadrakh soum and Zuunbayan bagh benefitted from the
program since 2010. This year, in collaboration with local schools, Badrakh Energy has selected 8 more students who will benefit from the scholarship program. Badrakh Energy recognizes that investing in education and the future of our children should be our foremost priority.

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