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USA-based Wagner Asia Group first invested in the Mongolian market beginning in 1996 by supplying a wide range of equipment in the mining, construction, energy, agricultural, and transportation sectors.  Wagner Asia places responsible governance and operations as a top priority.  Wagner Asia Group companies represent world-renowned brands including Caterpillar, Ford, Land Rover, Michelin tires, Trimble equipment automation systems, International brand on-highway trucks from Navistar, Manitowoc cranes, Challenger agricultural equipment, and Power Screen crushers and screeners.

During our 20-year history of stable operations in Mongolia, we have regularly extended a helping hand supporting important humanitarian causes.  Beginning in 2015, we formalized our CSR activities by organizing a CSR committee with the specific purpose of implementing an effective CSR strategy to better resources for community outreach programs.

Wagner Asia Group CSR vision

  • Helping to build a better Mongolia

Wagner Asia Group CSR Mission

  • We will contribute to sustainable socio-economic development, employing environmentally friendly business activities carried out in good faith, working to help provide for our employees’ needs as well as the needs of the underprivileged, especially children, in our community.

Project Spotlight of Wagner Asia Group 2016 Q1-Q2 

In 2016, to commemorate our 20 years of operations in Mongolia, Wagner Asia Group’s CSR committee has announced our “20 Years, 20 Good Deeds” campaign.  Rather than throw ourselves an anniversary party, instead, we will organize and participate in 20 CSR projects throughout the year to give our thanks to the community in which we operate.   Below are just a few of the

  • Due to extreme weather and heavy snow conditions in the Batsumber sum of the Tuv aimag, several herdsman households lost most of their herds and were in need of urgent support to recover from the severe winter. In March of 2016, Wagner Asia Group presented donations of general good and necessities to 27 of the households in greatest need.



  • Wagner Asia Group owns and operates three facilities in the Tsogtsetsii sum of the South Gobi Province. Recently, in the Spring of 2016, Tsotsetsii sum opened a newly built 50-bed hospital. In support of the hospital and the local community, Wagner Asia Group donated two critical pieces of equipment for the laboratory of the hospital – a semi-automatic biochemistry analyzer and a urine analyzer, for which the hospital did not have the resources to purchase on their own. By providing the laboratory of the hospital with these two pieces of equipment, when the citizens of Tsogttsetsii sum need to have certain medical proceedures, they no longer need to travel to the province center or to Ulaanbaatar in order to have the tests performed, saving valuable time and costs for the citizens of the local community.


WAG’s representatives handing over the laboratory equipment to the Tsogttsetsii sum’s newly opened hospital.   An engineer from the manufacturer provides instruction to the hospital regarding the proper usage of the tools.
WAG’s representatives handing over the laboratory equipment to the Tsogttsetsii sum’s newly opened hospital.   An engineer from the manufacturer provides instruction to the hospital regarding the proper usage of the tools.


  • Since 2015, Wagner Asia has partnered with the Veloo Foundation in Ulaanbaatar, who operate a free kindergarten for the children of poverty-stricken families who work scavenging from the Red Rock garbage dump in the Songino Khairhan district of Ulaanbaatar. Donation of a Ford Transit 15-seat bus (including free service and maintenance) to be used to transport vulnerable children to and from the sanctuary. Upon presentation of the vehicle, Wagner Asia employees also presented various toys and books for the children. (March 2015) (testimonial #3 inserted) Donation of a ger for a shelter for victims of domestic violence and alcoholism, particularly children (April 2015) Donation of a support vehicle during the annual fundraiser event – the Gobi Gallop (June 2015). The Gobi Gallop is the Veloo Foundation’s primary event to raise funds used for operating expenses throughout the year. Wagner Asia has supported the Veloo Foundation in several ways in 2016, including collecting donations of food, toys, and furnishing, providing free repair and maintenance services for the kindergarten’s vehicles, and most notably securing a $10,000 grant in partnership with Ford Motor Company, for whom Wagner Asia Automotive is the authorized dealer.  This grant will be used to sponsor various programs and operating costs of the kindergarten.


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  • As part of the employee wellness program, WAG annually organizes and sponsors a bike trek for all employees and their families. On May 28, 2016, the WAG CSR committee, partnered with the Health, Safety, and Environment department, organized the fourth annual bike trek wellness activity in the picturesque Gachuurt area.  Over 115 employees and their families rode bikes for 40 km across the terrain.  The purpose of the bike trek is to teach the employees and their families about active lifestyles and the benefits of exercise, as well as proper safety precautions when riding bicycles.

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