Khan Bank and State Central Hospital No.3 team up for the Campaign Against Hypertension

( Adapted from Khan Bank‘s website)

khan bank csr

Ulaanbaatar, 17 May 2017 -Khan Bank and the Cardiovascular Disease Reference Center at State Central Hospital No.3 are pleased to announce that they will be working together to launch the Campaign Against Hypertension, following the signing of a cooperation agreement today.

The campaign will offer the public and the healthcare sector more knowledge regarding the prevention of high blood pressure. The campaign will be carried out through a variety of channels, including public education, organizing training seminars, offering examinations nationwide, and by offering blood pressure testing at specific Khan Bank sub-branches across the country.

The leading cause of death throughout the world is cardiovascular disease. Hypertension causes 62% of cerebral strokes and 49% of heart attacks, making it the main cause of death from cardiovascular disease. The World Health Organization highlights that hypertension is one the main causes of untimely death.

Mongolia ranks high for cases of cardiovascular disease. The leading causes of death among Mongolian citizens are cardiovascular disease (37%), cancer (21%), and accidental injury (13%). (Health Statistics, 2015).

Khan Bank is pleased to be a leader in this initiative to improve the quality of life for the Mongolian people, reduce disability and death, increase labor productivity, and to promote healthy lifestyles and behavior. We believe that we can help save lives and strengthen the nation’s healthcare sector by offering examinations to citizens above the age of 40 for the early detection of high blood pressure and minimizing the risk of cerebral strokes, heart attacks, and heart failure.

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