Khan Bank’s 11 Year Ongoing Commitment to Their Community

Khan Bank established the “Khan Bank Foundation” in 2007, and running for 11 years, they have now completed over 370 community and service projects, invested 4 trillion MNT into the common good, and reached 2 million people in 21 provinces and 9 districts. In 2018, Khan Bank joined the United Nations Global Impact, and have voluntarily committed themselves to sustainable development and social responsibility. Their CSR projects are divided into 4 parts; “Sustainable Financing”, “Sustainable Work”, “Sustainability Investment”, and “Sustainable Cooperation”.

To highlight projects from their “Sustainable Financing” committee; “Lit House” project collaborates with “Mongol Basalt” and “Atmor” to house families in the ger districts, and Mongolian Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (MonSEFF) is a credit line developed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, to reduce the corporation’s energy consumption. “Sustainable Work” committee’s priority is to increase equality in the workplace. Khan Bank employs 6213 workers, and constantly hires paid interns, hosts creative and athletic programs, and seeks to encourage balance in their employees’ lives by implementing a program called, “Work and Life Balance” in their workplaces. “Sustainability Investment” has numerous projects including “Fighting Cancer”, to which they contributed 1.1 trillion MNT, “Fighting High Blood Pressure”, to which they contributed 150 million MNT, and “Rise” student development program. In the education sector, for 10 years, Khan Bank donated 1.6 trillion MNT, with over 90 projects. They have provided scholarships for 1,500 students, investing 800 million MNT. They also donated over 140 million MNT for 9 years to “Zorig Foundation”. These are only a few of the projects they have invested in over the years.

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