National Campaign Against Cancer to be implemented for the 7th year

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On February 18, 2017, Khan Bank, the National Cancer Center, and Mongolian National Broadcaster signed an agreement to carry out the National Campaign Against Cancer for the seventh consecutive year to promote the health of Mongolia’s citizens.

Minister of Health A.Tsogtsetseg, General Director of the National Cancer Center J.Chinburen, CEO of Khan Bank John Bell, and General Director of Mongolian National Broadcaster L.Ninjjamts participated in the signing of the agreement, along with other organizational representatives.

In 2017, the National Campaign Against Cancer will be implemented in four provinces and one district of Ulaanbaatar, focusing on gastric cancer. Through the campaign, residents in four provinces and one district of Ulaanbaatar will be given the opportunity  to receive preventative diagnostic screening for gastric cancer, and professional training will be conducted for physicians in conducting endoscopic exams. The campaign will promote awareness of how to prevent gastric cancer, the importantce of early detection, and will focus on the development of a national program for the early detection of gastric cancer.

Over the last 6 years, the National Campaign Against Cancer has reached more than 90,000 Mongolians across the country with comprehensive cancer screenings, exams for high risk groups, early detection exams and education, and improving public awareness of cancer causing viruses.

Khan Bank has contributed more than 820 million MNT for the campaign’s  implementation over the last six years, and has trained over 2,200 bank employees to serve as health volunteers in rural areas to help spread public awareness of the lifesaving value of cancer prevention.

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