The Inter-soum Animal Health Care Center opened in Khanbogd soum

The Inter-soum Animal Health Care Center is one of the biggest veterinary healthcare centers in Mongolia and is equipped with new laboratory equipment capable of doing full tests on meat, meat products, dairy products, eggs, wool, cashmere, and leather, and will greatly contribute to preventing the spread of livestock diseases and to improving animal health. The center will help local suppliers in South Gobi Province provide healthy meat and dairy products for Oyu Tolgoi workers and enable the export of livestock products to China. The center will not only serve Umnugobi herders but also herders in the neighboring provinces of Dornogobi and Dundgobi. The Inter-soum Animal Health Care Center includes 432 m2 of laboratory space, housing for four families, a four-car garage, and livestock facilities. It was built by a local construction company and financed by 1.4 billion MNT from OT’s Gobi Oyu Development Support Fund.

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