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Esentsengel Sukhee, Deputy CEO of MCS Holding

Esentsengel Sukhee

How did you get where you are today, and who or what helped you along the way?

After completing my studies in Germany in the field of business administration, I started to work at the PwC Germany office in Stuttgart. While being involved in many international projects and assignments, I always wanted to realize projects in my home country, Mongolia. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to work on several significant projects in Mongolia’s finance and mining sectors. Shortly after completing said projects, I returned to Mongolia to establish the PwC office in UB, which was a great success. After 7 years of successful work at PwC, I was invited to work at the headquarters of MCS Group, -one of the biggest privately-owned business conglomerates in Mongolia. It was a big change, but the shift from a consultant’s role to a management position has been very interesting. Working closely with the shareholders and being part of such a successful management team is truly a unique experience – one that is not easily found.

What are the principles you mostly adhere to in business?

Integrity and establishing good relationships are key to being successful in business. Also, social intelligence and having the ability to understand your partners and their circumstances are vital for success.

What was a shortcoming that was the most challenging for you in business?

I don’t have to think long: political instability and a constantly changing legal environment are the most challenging, and negatively affect existing business performance and incoming foreign investment flow. A personally challenging experience was leaving my previous company that I built from the ground up, including employees and clients.

After all this success, what do you struggle with now?

Political instability and inconsistent government policies are now the biggest struggle for everyone doing business in Mongolia.

What is the latest business achievement you would like to highlight right now?

Working in the group’s headquarters requires us to be able to oversee many different industries and consistently challenging business models. Our group’s companies are recognized as the best performing businesses in Mongolia. At the moment, I’m working on developing several projects within the group, where I’m targeting a particular undeveloped business sector that I believe has a great and consistent future in Mongolia. I’m not there yet, but hopefully, this will be my biggest and latest success.  

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