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AmCham’s Intellectual Property Rights’ Committee

The Intellectual Property Rights Committee, established in 2015, works to foster greater awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights and to support sound IPR policies in Mongolia as a means to drive innovation and economic growth. The committee has presented recommendations to the government to address existing challenges in IPR enforcement in Mongolia. AmCham is a member of three legal task forces working to amend Mongolian IPR laws, the Law on Patents, the Law on Trademarks, and the Law on Copyrights. Amendments to these laws are expected to be made in 2017, and AmCham members have prepared a detailed analysis of international best practices and examples to consider for their drafting.

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For more detailed information about AmCham’s committees, please contact Mr. Javkhlantugs Ganbaatar, AmCham’s Director of Policy and Advocacy, at policy@amcham.mn or call our office at +976 7000-3437.

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