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U.S. Investors Expect Stability of Law and Policy from Mongolian Government

ULAANBAATAR – Montsame: Executive Director of the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham) Tricia Turbold gave an interview to Montsame agency at AmCham’s March Monthly Meeting on March 16th, 2016.

Reporter: The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is the largest trade organization in the world. What are the benefits of AmCham Mongolia membership?

Ms. Turbold: The U.S Chamber of Commerce, located in Washington D.C, has branches all over the world. AmCham Mongolia was established in 2011 with only a handful of founding members. AmCham Mongolia’s mission is to build, strengthen and protect the business relationships between United States and Mongolia and promote Mongolia as destination for investment. We have been quite successful in fulfilling our mission having increased our membership to over 50 leading businesses in Mongolia as of today.

AmCham Mongolia members enjoy several significant benefits.  AmCham Mongolia advocates on behalf of our members to promote a better free-market economy and business environment; grants access for private enterprises to high level government officials through our monthly meetings and other signature events where they can discuss issues and find solutions; and, AmCham Mongolia strives to provide full exposure for our members in Mongolia’s business sector.

Reporter:  His Excellency Ch. Saikhanbileg, Prime Minister of Mongolia, met with AmCham members today. What were the expected outcomes of the event?

Ms. Turbold: AmCham Mongolia holds Monthly Meetings throughout the year. We strive to have a positive impact on the Mongolian business environment through our Monthly meetings where we are able to discuss issues our members are facing and find solutions together while promoting private enterprise in Mongolia.

Mr. Prime Minister’s direct responses to many questions from AmCham members have been the highlight of our event today. We have also handed over our main policy document called the “Roadmap for Growth 2016,” to the Prime Minister; which outlines the strategic policy goals of AmCham Mongolia and our members.

Reporter: What do American investors look for from Mongolian government?

Ms. Turbold: The main concerns and needs for American businesses and investors are rule of law and stability of the policies.

Reporter: Are there any changes in investors’ confidence in Mongolia due to the upcoming election this year?

Ms. Turbold: Although 2016 is an election year, there hasn’t been any major decline in investor confidence. Mr. Prime Minister also stated today that this isn’t the case. AmCham Mongolia will continue to work to further strengthen the current confidence of investors.


Source: Montsame News Agency

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