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AmCham Mongolia Hosted Its 2017 Annual General Meeting

AmCham Mongolia Hosted Its 2017 Annual General Meeting

ULAANBAATAR, Mongolia – The American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia (AmCham) held its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Wednesday, November 22, 2017 with the Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassy Manuel Micaller, and over 50 of AmCham members and other leaders of the business environment.

During the AGM, AmCham members discussed, voted on, and set the priorities and direction of the organization for 2018, and elected several new Board directors.

Eight of AmCham members competed for the five open seats that became available for the Board of Directors and Ms. Jelena Pesic, Director PwC Mongolia, Ms. N. Munkhnasan, CEO of Monpolyment Group, Mr. Scott Schlink, Senior Associate at Minter Ellison, Mr. Randolph Koppa, Executive Vice Chairman at Trade and Development Bank of Mongolia,  Mr. Munkhbat. Ch., President and Executive Director at South Gobi Sands LLC were elected to serve the AmCham’s Board of Directors for 2018.

Jay Liotta, Chairman of AmCham Mongolia, delivered opening remarks and said “2017 was a flagship year for the American Chamber of Commerce in Mongolia.  We increased our membership, hosted over thirty strategic events, issued five position papers, and led our largest ever trade delegation of Mongolian companies to America. Furthermore, we formed a Financial Services Committee as a multi-functional platform for leading representatives from companies operating in the financial sector to advise our membership and the government. I see great things happening for our members and AmCham in 2018”.

Following the Chairman’s remarks, the Deputy Chief of Mission of U.S. Embassy Manuel Micaller delivered keynote remarks and noted “AmCham had great success in 2017 and in 2018 the U.S. Embassy will remain committed to working with AmCham to improve the trade and investment environment in Mongolia. It is imperative that AmCham and the Embassy continue to stay closely wired and jointly advocate to the Mongolian government for the vitality, innovation and best practices that private enterprises can bring to the economy.”

 About AmCham Mongolia

AmCham Mongolia is an independent membership-driven organization that seeks to build, strengthen, and protect business between the United States and Mongolia and to actively promote Mongolia as a destination for American investment. AmCham Mongolia is the official local affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the largest business federation in the world with over 3 million member companies. AmCham Mongolia is also a member of the Asia Pacific Council of American Chambers of Commerce, consisting of 29 American Chambers of Commerce in the Asia Pacific Region.

AmCham Mongolia Hosted Its 2017 Annual General Meeting

АмЧам Монгол 2017 оны Жилийн тайлангийн хурлаа зохион байгууллаа

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