Corporate Social Responsibility of Khan Bank

Embracing principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) in its business and activities, Khan Bank has been making considerable contributions to the economic and social development of Mongolia. Khan Bank’s mission statement affirms its commitment to make positive changes in people’s lives and to benefit society while adhering to fairness and transparency. With the nation’s widest network, reaching every corner of Mongolia, the Bank strives to be a good and inspiring neighbor to all the communities in which Khan Bank operates.

Khan Bank pioneered in promoting corporate social responsibility in the Mongolian business sector in the early 2000s, by supporting contemporary arts and programs designed to promote English language learning. Since then, the Bank has steadily increased its support in various fields and communities throughout Mongolia. Khan Bank’s CSR framework is unique in the way that the Bank engages and partners with community members, civil society organizations, other businesses, and its customers in implementing its CSR activities.

In early 2007, Khan Bank established the Khan Bank Foundation to provide a more organized and professional structure for Khan Bank’s corporate social responsibility efforts.

The Foundation’s Board is composed of members of the bank’s management and approves the Foundation’s strategy, plan, and budget at the beginning of every year, closely monitoring its performance.

The Khan Bank Foundation has identified education, arts and culture, mitigating social and physical disadvantages, community development, and environmental protection initiatives as priorities and has invested over 3.2 billion MNT in more than 300 long and short-term projects, as well as nationwide programs, since its establishment.

The Foundation has been implementing a nationwide project making considerable investment in the country’s health sector since 2011, and this endeavor is highly appreciated by the public.

                                                            National Campaign Against Cancer                                             

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Due to the health sector having an inadequate budget to screen people for cancer and a lack of information available to the public, as well as the small number of medical professionals and the limited opportunity to receive medical services in remote areas, the rate of cancer and cancer-related deaths is extremely high amongst people in rural areas.

In Mongolia, 75% of new cancer cases are diagnosed at clinical levels III or IV, which are typically too late in development for effective treatment. It is vitally important to take preventative measures against cancer, such as conducting screening among high risk groups, providing an early diagnosis, and increasing public awareness about cancer causing infections.

The National Campaign Against Cancer sponsored by the Khan Bank Foundation has been successfully carried out for the last 6 years, aimed to fight against cancer, take preventive measures, and make concrete contributions to public health and social well-being.


Within the framework of the campaign jointly organized by the Khan Bank Foundation, National Cancer Center (NCC), and Mongolian National Broadcaster (MNB), a series of activities is carried out in the 21 provinces and UB’s districts, including the circulation of information for the public on cancer prevention, the delivery of specialized training on early diagnosis and treatment of cancer for rural doctors and specialists, the screening of high risk groups, and the training of Khan Bank volunteers who promote cancer prevention at a local level.

The campaign has reached over 90,000 people who have been enrolled in complete cancer screening since 2011. As a result, 6,893 individuals were diagnosed with precancerous conditions and additionally, 8,529 cases of cancers and tumors and 44,514 cases of other diseases were identified.

The good news is that those individuals diagnosed with cancer or other types of tumors have been able to receive appropriate treatment or surgery at the National Cancer Center in Ulaanbaatar.


In addition to screening and diagnoses, 403 minor and urgent cancer surgeries were conducted in rural areas, carried out by rural doctors and the campaign’s professionals. Conducting cancer surgeries in rural areas enables  rural residents to receive professional cancer assistance easily and directly.

So far, Khan Bank Foundation has dedicated MNT 720 million to improving public health and benefiting people’s lives.

December 5th is recognized as International Volunteer Day. On the occasion of this day, there is a tradition among Khan Bank employees to celebrate Volunteer Day throughout the country. Each year, the volunteer employees of Khan Bank have organized an awareness raising campaign, and have provided more than 90,000 children, youth, and customers with information about the prevention of cancer, and the importance of early diagnosis as well as practicing a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Professional organizations have highlighted that the implementation of the campaign over the last five years in rural areas with a high risk of cancer has been an effective and important activity, providing people with the opportunity to receive sufficient medical treatment by diagnosing cancer at an early stage.



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