ING Mongolia completes the second phase of UNICEF’s ger kindergarten project

In 2014 ING Mongolia office staff was involved in donation and construction of two gers equipped with all the necessary furnishings, toys and learning materials which were delivered to Kindergarten No.151 and 152 located in Nalaikh district. The ger kindergartens enabled the already overcrowded public kindergartens to receive an additional 65 children from a UNICEF-defined target groups.

However, the ger kindergartens are not equipped with bathrooms inside due to its limited space which makes the children go outside to use the bathrooms in the main kindergarten building. This is not such an issue during the warmer season; however in winter when the temperatures reach below zero the children have to be dressed and go outside to enter the main building. Due to its structure as you open the door to the classroom you enter and see the children studying, eating and napping which makes it difficult for the parents to undress the children when they drop them off. On the other hand, it makes the front door constantly being open and letting the cold air, dust and mud in to the classrooms.

of UNICEF’s ger -4

The second phase of the project carried out in November 2015 was to join the two gers together and connect them to a newly built mobile wash block. The wash block is a prefabricated structure that connects to the kindergartens existing heating and wastewater infrastructure. The wash block is fully equipped with a water heater, child and adult toilets and sink basins. An entrance hall was also designed to accommodate the children’s lockers, providing a safe and warm place for the children to change in to their indoor clothes.

ING Hong Kong branch generously supported us in carrying out this project and financed both the first and second stages of the project. In an effort to increase the impact of the project we sought to leverage our Mongolia network, seeking the involvement of other local entities. As a result, Arig Bank underwrote 25% of the wash block’s costs and provided manpower to support the project’s successful execution.

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As a result of this project we were able to deliver a newly built wash block and entrance hall for Kindergarten 152; an entrance hall for Kindergarten 151 with the intention to raise funds and build a wash block prior to 2017 academic year.

TV interview from the Wash block handover ceremony can be found at following link –


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