Phillip Morris’ Rural Development Program

With the goal of developing human capital and unlocking the potential of rural citizens, Philip Morris launched its Rural Development charitable program in Kazakhstan in 2014. Over the past 5 years of project implementation, more than 1000 people were trained on the basics of vegetable growing, 600 people on the basics of doing business in rural areas, 300 people in computer literacy and accounting. Farmers were trained not only on how to grow vegetables using modern technologies but also on how to manage farm business effectively. Now farmers’ products compete in supermarkets by price and physical characteristics, quality, and taste, while still remaining environmentally friendly. In 2019, the project has been extended with construction of bio-gas plant for recycling of organic waste to be generated into soil fertilizers. The project received numerous recognitions, including an award from AmCham Kazakhstan and an international CSR Excellence Award in London.

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