Xac Bank Will Work Towards Curing Hepatitis C Virus

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With the mission statement of People, Planet, and Profit – XacBank has been a contributing company that has realized its social responsibility with utmost importance. Notably today we have agreed to an initiative that will aid in bettering People’s health. To clarify, XacBank along with the Health and Sports Ministry have agreed to work together towards detecting and treating Hepatitis C virus.

For this event, Health and Sports Minister S. Lambaa and XacBank Chief Executive Officer M. Boldoo have signed an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding). For the signing ceremony, organizations including authorized laboratories that count Hepatitis C virus and pharmaceutical companies supplying medication for the virus have attended.

Through the cooperation associated hospitals that meet requirements will get the financial support in acquiring the latest equipment for counting C virus. Further, in partnership with the Health and Sports Ministry there will be training and advertisements for the public on how to detect and cure Hepatitis C in the early stages. In addition, as Hepatitis C is one of the leading reasons for increasing deaths in Mongolia – the initiative will aim towards curing C virus, making the medication available for the public at an affordable price through ways of financing.

Particularly, for people who are being diagnosed and treated, XacBank with its own criterion, and conditions will grant loans on easy terms. The maturity of loan is 3 years, up to 4 million MNT limit the and lowest monthly interest rate on the market of 1.2%.

Loan credit will be available on a debit card specifically to be used for treatment purposes at hospitals and pharmacies the bank has agreements to work together. Intermed, Grand Med, Songdo hospitals, Happy Veritas, Gyals, Med analytic, Standlab, Ongoken, Trust, Liver center laboratories, as well as Ombol and Mongol medicine pharmacies will accept your XacBank card for treatments and other services. The patient has the advantage of using the card only for themselves.

The soft loan will be available from July 4th, thus people who need C virus treatment with steady income may contact any of our Ulaanbaatar locations to request a loan.

Moreover, Xac Bank will be pleased to work with accredited laboratories, pharmacies and hospitals counting and treating Hepatitis C.

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