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Statement from the Chairman of AmCham Mongolia Jay Liotta

The United States is a nation of self-governing leaders and recent events show that we, as a people, and our democratic institutions, are stronger than ever before. Events that could have collapsed governments in other parts of the world have failed to do so in the United States, even at a time often described as a divided America. The challenges to our democracy have failed because we choose freedom, equality, diversity, transparency, the rule of law, and the right to self-govern above the authoritarianism and kowtowing to top-down leadership (which make individuals and societies weak). Our courts, judges, local and state governments, governors, secretaries of states, mayors, voters, vote counters, civil servants, civic leaders, and so many other institutions and individuals have shown leadership. They have shown us that strong, self-governing individuals make robust societies and are the best defense against tyranny.
The real story is a story of success, putting aside the myth of weakness or doubt. Our image as a democratic model holds strong and true. We the people…
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